Karyn Bye

2023 Inductee
Karyn Bye was born and raised in River Falls where she played youth hockey in a generation where she needed to hide her gender to play, and, in fact, used her initials K.L. Bye as an identity, rather then her first name.

Sis Paulsen

2023 Inductee
Sis Paulsen was born and raised in Eau Claire. She played youth hockey for the Eau Claire Youth Hockey Association, and high school hockey for Eau Claire North High School.

Terry Watkins

2023 Inductee
Terry Watkins was born and raised in St. Paul, Minn., where he played youth hockey followed by high school hockey at Cretin High School.

  • Joe Boxrucker - 2012

Joe Boxrucker was born in Stanley, Wis. and grew up in Owen-Withee.  Like many other adults, he came to the sport of ice hockey as an adult and became and instant fan and supporter.  He settled in Eagle River in 1972 and became involved with hockey through the Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA) shortly thereafter.  He served on the ERRA Board from 1975-1987, and had more than a significant impact on the aging dome that had served Eagle River for decades prior.  During his tenure on the board, he was instrumental in expanding the arena with the addition of locker rooms, updates for the compressors, new dasher boards, the first new locker room addition, purchase of a new Zamboni, and other items to meet the need of a growing association.  Boxrucker’s service to the ERRA did not just include serving on boards, but also as the lead worker on many projects.  His financial expertise saw that no project was ever attempted without the money being available to pay for it.

By 1975, Boxrucker had become involved in the organization and management of the Eagle River Summer Hockey School turning it into a successful endeavor.  As one of the oldest summer programs in the State, the summer hockey school has attracted hockey players from across the State providing both hockey education, a great summer vacation, and a means of support for the ERRA.

In 1981, Boxrucker expanded his involvement in hockey when he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame.  His election and work led to the building of the annex at the ERRA and the current location of the Hall of Fame.  He committed many hours of work and his own resources to the project, and is now involved in a further expansion of the Hall as space grows short and more worthy candidates are added.  Boxrucker, a former president of the Hall of Fame enters his fourth decade of service as a member of the Board of Directors.

Boxrucker is the owner and president of North States Utility Contractors.  He and his wife Karen have three adult children, Jason, Jeremy and Kourtney, along with grandchildren.