Wally Akervik

2022 Inductee
Wally Akervik was born in Duluth, Minn., and was a four-sport athlete at Duluth Central High School, helping his Trojan team reach the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament.

Ann Ninnemann

2022 Inductee
Ann Ninnemann was born in St. Paul, Minn., and began playing ringette at the age of four.  By her own admission, she played ringette through the sixth game and then hesitantly transitioned to ice hockey in the seventh grade.

Pat "Duffy" Dyer

2022 Inductee
Pat “Duffy” Dyer was born in Virginia, Minn., and played youth hockey in that Iron Range community.  After high school, he graduated from UW-Superior with a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology and would go on to a long career at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth.

Rebecca Hamilton-Hildebrandt

2022 Inductee
Rebecca Hamilton-Hildebrandt (or “Coach Becky” as she is better known locally) was born and raised in Sauk Prairie and began playing hockey in 1982, the first year that Sauk Prairie had a hockey association.
  • Tom Doyle - 2021
Dr. Tom Doyle was born in Mineral Point, Wis., and raised in the throes of the Depression. Organized hockey and money to pay for it didn’t exist at that time, but Doyle learned to skate and play hockey on the Point Brewery Pond. After service as a dentist in the United States Air Force in Guam and Roswell, New Mexico, Doyle settled in Eagle River where he would live and raise his family.

Although he was not a native of Eagle River, he quickly became associated with very familiar Wisconsin hockey names like Spiess, Richter, Obrodovich and others who were historically active in the hockey community. When the future of the Dome, the oldest indoor hockey arena in Wisconsin, came into question, “Doc”, as he was known, jumped into the fray with others and went business to business securing names on notes to raise the $25,000 needed to purchase the arena from the Dorfman family, within the 24 hour deadline allowed.

Doyle went on to become part of virtually every project to expand and improve the arena, from adding artificial ice to raising funds for the front addition and purchasing the Zamboni. Prior to the first real Zamboni, Doyle often flooded the arena using a contraption built from a 55 gallon barrel, piping and towels to spread the water evenly. This device was even labeled as “Zamboni Driver Doc.” Doyle was a member of the Board of Directors of the Eagle River Recreation Association (ERRA) and was instrumental in the establishment of the Eagle River Summer Hockey School, and the Eagle River Figure Skating School. He was a key figure in the establishment of the Youth Days Auction and he and his family spent many hours working this event to raise money for the ERRA. His overall devotion to programs like these and the Snowmobile Derby helped the citizens of Eagle River through the lean months of winter when tourists were scarce.

Doyle and others were also responsible for the establishment of the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame and he served on that Board for many years. Though he is long past his active role in these programs, Doyle’s performance helped keep hockey alive and well in Wisconsin, and his own family has gone on to pursue hockey in other states and even internationally, where his granddaughter officiated at the Junior Olympics in Switzerland.

Doyle is retired and lives in Eagle River. He and his late wife Shirley have three children, Christine, Greg and Patrick.