Paul Doud

2024 Inductee
Paul Doud was born in Houghton, Mich., and played youth hockey in the Copper Country Youth Hockey program in Houghton.

Molly Engstrom

2024 Inductee
Molly Engstrom was born and raised in the small northwestern town of Siren, Wis., and played youth hockey from the ages of six to twelve in nearby Webster.

Sue Pope

2024 Inductee
Sue Pope from Madison has been an “influencer” when it comes to girls’ and women’s hockey long before that term became popular on social media.

  • Paul Ryan - 1993
Paul Ryan became involved in hockey with the Madison East Side and Madison Laker programs as a team manager, promoter, and fundraiser.

His competitive desire led to organizing the Madison Capitol youth program and helping create the Madison Capitols Junior team. Ryan was instrumental in promoting many invitational, state, and national tournaments in Madison. He started the Madison summer hockey league.

His efforts have helped many Wisconsin players to play college and professional hockey. Ryan is truly Mr. Hockey in the Madison area.