Karyn Bye

2023 Inductee
Karyn Bye was born and raised in River Falls where she played youth hockey in a generation where she needed to hide her gender to play, and, in fact, used her initials K.L. Bye as an identity, rather then her first name.

Sis Paulsen

2023 Inductee
Sis Paulsen was born and raised in Eau Claire. She played youth hockey for the Eau Claire Youth Hockey Association, and high school hockey for Eau Claire North High School.

Terry Watkins

2023 Inductee
Terry Watkins was born and raised in St. Paul, Minn., where he played youth hockey followed by high school hockey at Cretin High School.

  • Don Wahlin - 2007

Wahlin was born in Waupaca and raised in Madison where he played youth hockey with various groups. He went on to play high school hockey for Madison Central. He attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison and left after two years to become a pilot in the United States Air Force. Returning from active duty, Wahlin went on to complete his mechanical engineering degree in Madison. He bought the bankrupt firm for which he worked and turned it into Stoughton Trailers, a company that has grown into a leader in the mass production of trailers.

Wahlin’s growing family and continuing interest in ice hockey led to his co-founding of the Stoughton Youth Hockey Association in 1970. Wahlin’s generosity was not limited to Stoughton, but also included other associations. He donated money and equipment to other associations like Sun Prairie. As his children grew and continued playing hockey, his interest grew, and as his children began coaching and grandchildren got into the sport, his generosity continued. During the winter, Wahlin would set up hockey boards in the pond in his backyard which was used by youth players and high school players from Edgewood. In 1991, Wahlin committed $100,000 for the construction of the Mandt Community Center in Stoughton. Several years later, he co-signed a bank note that would lead to completion of the facility. Construction of this arena ultimately helped a “C” level program grow from 40 skaters in 1989 to an “A” level club of more than 200 skaters, less than 10 years later. Subsequent to the construction of the facility, his further monetary, equipment and in-kind donations led to enhancement of the building and its continued successful operation.

Wahlin’s business grew and prospered over four decades and became the economic force in Stoughton, employing over 1,700 people in three communities. In 1994, Wahlin was named Stoughton Citizen of the Year along with his wife Carol, and in 2000, he was inducted into the Stoughton Hall of Fame. Wahlin’s service in the Air Force and Air National Guard continued as his company grew, and he saw stand-by service during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Wahlin and his wife Carol have eight children: Bill, Ken, Dan, Kate, Mike, Margaret, Betsy and Bob.